Saturday, January 24, 2009




ahhh big day out yesterday was amazing and I only woke up a bit after lunch but photos from that will come later. george came over for a swim and some thai and i made her wear this dress I made and studded the otherday just for fun. I just painted my room and will probs draw some stuff on the walls eventually so we had a good empty space and now i reckon i will sleep some more!


Jodes said...

How awesome was BDO!!!!!!

nice simple DIY on the tee, loves it!

ha ha, also loving the idea of forcing a friend to be in the photo......think i might steal that idea, i hate being in them!


yiqin; said...

Is it hard to stud clothes? I am thinknig of getting some studs to stud mine too!

yiqin; said...

Thanks for telling me! :) I need to go buy some studs to experiement!

GretyDoll said...

effortless missy. and thee shoes.pftt perfect!