Saturday, January 24, 2009


well just got back from schooool camp. wew. noo it was actually pretty fun and nice and close to the beach (: buttt here are some photos from big day out!

ahh a pretty all round crazy day. definite highlight for us was black kids and the hilarious drummer in little red.

I wore some jeans that I bought from salvos a few weeks ago which were then appropriately ripped bleached and cut into shorts as well as a laceish singlet. Rookie error forgetting denim is not exactly a quick dry fabric so after getting wet by fountains/hoses/waterbottles my shorts stayed pretty sopping for the train ride home. yum. and i think i still have a sandal tan. but then again who doesn't want a sandal tan? ...

The train ride home was actually a trip from hell it took us like two hours to go through three or four stations cause of police and people jumping off the train and it was so packed and hot.
ahhh a whole day listening to music got us making up some pretty weird dancing soo if your ever bored crazy dancing while keeping your arms firmly placed by your side=hilarity. or maybe thats just us...

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GretyDoll said...

coolio. likes the photos