Friday, August 14, 2009

my brother wore these more than me

siren shoes, thrifted leggings (mm lycra) and shirt.

first a few things need to be said
1. Yes, i cringe at the ripple i have made in the ocean of what was fluro fettish
2. These are not from supre.
I'm still quite attached to these leggings that i got a few years ago now in a shop in japan. we found the most amazing underground recyled clothing store in harajuku, but alas we were in year 9 so i think all i bought were these and a snoopy tshirt which i thought 'was like ace'.
halfway through exams now.
slooooowwwly getting there
I'm holding out for sunday which is apparently going to be nice and hot
xx maike

1 comment:

Gracelace said...

1. fluro is so grose but these makes it somewhat passable
2. they do not look like they're from supre
3. they look pretty awesome so wear them as much as you can :)