Monday, June 29, 2009

yes you can


this has been my desktop background for a while now. keeps me going through the cold days with the promise i can soon maybe wear a dress.withoutstockings/socks.orajumper/cardigan/jacket/whatever.
i don't feel like sleeping tonight. im not in the mood.


n_at__al_ia said...

hi lovie.
im actually going to try bunnings and spotlight - your a fellow sydney girl so you know them well haha. i went to parklea markets and saw some beautiful chain, but for like 7 bucks for 10cm - which is overly expensive cause its a tiny bit of chain you need alot of it. the bronze chain is from a cheap ass necklace my mum got from diva. im gonna go there aswell and buy some cheap chains and break them up.

i've made my chains - they actually turned out beyond perfect - ill put them up soon.


goodluck :)

filthy lust said...

such a sweet shot.