Thursday, March 5, 2009

and i walked alone

ahhhh. just been to melbourne over the past weekend, and hsc has taken up my life since i got back! 3 days of shopping, lunching, visiting galleries, surrounded by arty people - was a dream come true. such a beautiful city, love it love it love it. made a few very exciting purchases and took alloooootttt of photos! bought the coolest boots ever! a wolf top (sorry m!) and nobody jeans for $40! loved every minute of those 3 days and will post photos when i get the chance.
also saw dave hughes (looks better in real life) and all the melbourne storm players, quite exciting.

revisiting the 70's with this shredded/fringed tye-die top. this was found on stylestalker. i reckon it would look really nice with fur over the top in winter, jeans and boots. might try do this.

mardi gras this weekend. going to be alot of wild fun. hopefully will get some good photos i can use for my majorwork.


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